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Partner-in-crime for 4 years, we are aficionados of wine, gastronomy, and good life. We are launching a project that reflects our values 

MINDSET Live a sustainable quality of life

COMMUNITY CENTER Enjoy an augmented local experience community 

ECO FRIENDLY Learning to reconnect with nature 

INVESTMENT into the new European dynamic country : Greece 

Firmly believing in the "Work & Play" concept, to find a more innovative sustainable world where economy harmonizes with ecology.


Constance Boudot - Decré have swirled, sniffed, and sipped her way through a career in wine.

Four years in Chile as a commercial export rep, followed by a 10-month world tour of wine regions, and then five more years in Bordeaux.

Constance can also speak English and Spanish perfectly while pouring a glass of wine.

Learning greek in progress...

Constance Michael 1

Constance & Michaël, french entrepreneurs
in love with Corfou Island


and the marketing director RAHAN

Michaël Boudot is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to a make a better future. 

He's got a linguistic toolkit that includes English and a sprinkle of Spanish, Italian, and soon greek... 

His other activity is photographer dedicated to lifestyle, gastronomy and wine.


After years of collecting frequent flyer miles and LinkedIn connections, we've decided to chase the greek sunset and settle down in corfu. We plan to receive during the low season to offer the best experiences possible for professionals companies ...

to book a villa (for private seminars) or hotel
nice & luxurious lodging 

 or to join us
in a co-living experience with a group of people/

with high-speed Starlink Internet
to keep our guests connected, but only if they want to be.

and multiple activities
A plethora of amenities to tickle everyone's fancy :
wellness sessions, barbecue on the beach, boat, gastronomical delights, and sporting activities like tennis, golf, hikking, bike, kite-surf,...

*siga siga is greek expression meaning "take your time".
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VAT NUMBER FR05832164776 - RCS 832 164 776