April and May 2024
For team leaders, freelances, and remote workers.

Enjoy a local experience in Corfu island in a co-living augmented

Booking opens early 2024. Spots are limited. Pre-book here :

Local expertISE &
french touch

After a year around the world, we have decided to land in Corfu island :  

  • We are based on the middle of the island all the year learning greek language and culture.
  • Exploring properties and villas for businesses and remote workers.
  • Sourcing the best local partners as sport, wellness, transports,
    gastronomic activities...

    Et Voila ! 
Constance Michael 4

We are french entrepreneurs
in love with Corfou Island

Corfu Town View From The Water In Greece

Find the perfect balance
between Business & Vacation

Kerkyra Food 2

healthy greek food

Kerkyra Visite Patrimoine

island style

Kerkyra Position Corfou

ideal spot

Kerkyra Team Building Velo

sports activities

Transport Aeroport

easy access

Kerkyra Greek Wine Tasting

wines and history


Team-building - Bootcamp - Intensive weeks - Executive retreats

You want to organise the perfect seminar for your team in 2024? 

What a professional stay in a luxurious villa from 3 to 7 days looks like : 
  • Shuttle from airport and during the stay
  • Perfect working conditions including high speed Starlink wifi (290 mbps)
  • Local food and beverages during all your stay
  • Sea & mountain activities (we can be very creative)
  • Defray all charges on your company (including VAT)
Kerkyra Team Building


You need to reconnect
we found the perfect place for you! 

1st session : April - May 2024 
2nd session : October - November 

A re-imagined way of working post pandemic focused on improved productivity through « Work and Play ».

A group of people with same values : 
- sustainibility
- creativity
- community oriented

Kerkyra Digital Nomad

in Corfu

Feel the greek vibe

Kerkyra Creative Podcast
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